Softball Nutrition Tips on How to Become a Softball Nutrition Nut

If you're really serious about becoming a good softball player, then you should be nuts about softball nutrition. It may sound nuts (alright, enough of the nut word for now), but it's perfectly sane for those who understand the importance of nutrition to your softball game.

Good nutrition is a lot like giving your car the fluids that it needs to run: gasoline, engine oil, and brake fluid, to name a few. Good foods provide your body with the stuff it needs in order to perform at its best. So again, if you want to become a really good softball payer, the solution partly lies on the food that you eat, and whatever else you drink.

Now how exactly do you become a softball nutrition nut? Let me show you how below.

Be crazy about carbohydrates

Carbohydrates is the quick burning fuel your body needs to keep up with the demands of softball – from running quickly, to catching the ball, to hitting the ball. Without carbs, your body will feel lethargic, and will there ever be slow to react to whatever you want it to do.

Now what are good sources of carbohydrates? Some fantastic sources include wheat-based products such as bread, then there's brown rice, and pasta.

Be passionate about protein

Your body sufferers from the typical wear and tear that you regularly subject it to, particularly your muscles. You therefore need a steady source of protein in your diet. That's because protein helps repair the torn muscles in your body, which advances further damage, and minimizes your risk of getting injured.

Poultry products, fish, and other meat-based products are good sources of protein. So make it a habit to make proteins a part of your diet.

Protein shakes and smoothies are also great sources of protein. Consume them just after training to ensure maximum absorption as this is the period your body is thirsting for protein.

Do not be so nuts about nuts (but have enough)

Nuts are some of the best sources of fat. But just as other fat-rich food sources, you must keep your fat intake to a minimum.

The ultimate softball nutrition nut tip: keep a food journal

Keeping a food journal may sound excessive to some, but having one helps you keep track of what you eat. It also shows you what you're doing right and not. So if you want to eliminate the calorie count in the food you've consumed for the week or during a certain period, keep a food journal. You do not eat it, but it's definitely good for your health.

So are you nutty enough about softball nutrition? The softball nutrition tips I shared with you above will be enough to tell you if you are one. Again, it's all about loving your sources of good nutrients, especially carbohydrates, protein, and a reasonable amount of fats. Aside from that, also keep a food journal to help you keep track of your calorie intake, and to help you find out if you '

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