Copper Bracelets & Health – Amazing Health Benefits Revealed!


Copper bracelets were common in ancient societies and have amazing health benefits that you can benefit from. If you think wearing a simple copper bracelet can’t help you remain healthy – think again!

Archeologists have been unearthing copper jewelry for now over 200 years and yet so little has been said about them.

Why were they worn?

Why are they universal (seen in all ancient societies, even Island ones)? What do they do for the wearer?

All these questions are answered and more below. The fact is copper bracelets have a direct medicinal

effect on the human body.

Copper Bracelets and History

Worn by Pharaohs, Indian Rajas, Chinese Emperors, Persian Kings, Alexander the Great, and so many others, the copper bracelet has had more than just a cosmetic purpose.

In fact, it cannot compare even to brass (which is copper and zinc), let along Gold or Silver. Why has copper bracelets been so popular then?

Copper has been used by every civilization that had access to it as a medicine and preventative.

The history of civilization is also the history of the use of copper. The bracelets have literally been worn in every major civilization.

What Does a Copper Bracelet Do?

In a study done in the Mayo Clinic (Bratton et al., 2002) it was found that in general (over 75%) of all people with arthritic and rheumatoid arthritic pains found the symptoms decrease and sometimes disappear by the simple wearing of a pure copper bracelet.

It is no secret that copper is a most excellent conductor of electricity, and besides that, the skin is as much an entry point in the body as a barrier.

Micro doses of copper enter the body and bolster the immune system, and as it’s on the skin, it enters as and when needed (not as in dietary copper).

The copper bracelet seems also to emit elemental and molecular vibrations and other physical phenomena such as a corona effect of the ends of the bracelet.

These vibratory emissions appear to convey some medicinal benefit. In the case of body pains due to some rheumatoid arthritic condition, it appears to be very effective indeed.

Other Benefits of Wearing a Copper Bracelet.

There are several other benefits gained by the wearing of a copper bracelet, allowing absorption directly from the skin. They are:

o Copper binds to enzymes and aid the formation of hemoglobin in erythrocytes, help form collagen for wound healing, and otherwise improve the body’s functioning.

o Copper can be absorbed differentially by infectious microorganisms and thereby poison them (such as Staphylococcus aureus bacteria),

o Copper is known to optimize the use of iron and zinc in the immune system.

o The absorption of copper through the skin can correct hidden copper deficiency can help optimize the body’s resistance to disease.

o Copper competes with toxic minerals for absorption and physiological use, thus reducing their harmful impact and making them more likely to be eliminated.

o Copper has shown that in certain anemic and sick individuals, there is a trans-dermal feeding response that conveys a powerful tonic and immuno-protective effect.

Side Effects of Wearing A Copper Bracelet

It is true that wearing a copper bracelet can discolor the skin as the blue-green copper deposits there.

However, this discoloration can be washed away with soap and water over the course of a day or two, and there is no evidence that it harms the skin.

Otherwise, there are generally no side effects (except positive and desired ones) in the wearing of a copper bracelet.


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