How to Homeschool Gifted Children

Gifted children frequently find that regular school is not challenging enough for them. Because of this, parents of gifted children routinely supplement their children’s formal education with additional learning activities at home. At some point, they may even contemplate homeschooling for their children.

Planning a homeschool curriculum for these children can be overwhelming, and parents must find out how to homeschool gifted children so that short- and long-term educational goals will be realized.

The decision to homeschool a child is not to be taken lightly. It entails a major commitment of time and resources. There are many available resources for general homeschooling, but educational materials for gifted children are relatively scarce. Parents have to research diligently to customize a curriculum that will match the gifted child’s strengths and interests.

It is a challenge to homeschool a gifted child. Before you even start to search for a curriculum, there are some issues that must be considered.


The temperament of both the parents and children must be considered. You need a lot of patience to homeschool children. Teaching children while having to deal with housework can be stressful, and gifted children are often intense. If you get easily upset, you may find it difficult to homeschool gifted children.

Time Commitment

Homeschooling requires a considerable amount of time to be committed by at least one parent to make sure that homeschool lessons are done. Parents will have to sacrifice their spare time to try and find classroom curriculum to challenge their children academically as well as provide guidance. Many gifted children are uneven in their development. For instance, they may require one level of instruction in mathematics and another level in reading. One or both parents must be there to guide the child and provide support.

Academic Considerations

One great benefit afforded by homeschooling is flexibility. It becomes easier for parents to nurture their child’s strengths while helping them work on their weaker areas as well. Find out how to homeschool gifted children so that they will remain motivated. Homeschooling gives children more time to learn about their favorite topics. You can harness their interest in those topics to help them learn about other subjects. If the child is interested in dinosaurs, have him write about dinosaurs or solve math problems involving dinosaurs.


Parents are often concerned that homeschooled gifted children do not learn socialization skills. You can enroll your child in community programs such as theater, choir or sports so he will be able to spend time with other children. As a matter of fact, homeschooled students tend to be more mature and have friends with a broader age range. They can socialize with their peers in the neighborhood and at community activities.

How to Homeschool

Although there many home schooling methods, no single method is best. Experience and the willingness to experiment is the key to success. Approaches vary with individual children, and methods may change over time. Reading about the experiences of other homeschooling parents can teach you how to homeschool your own gifted child.

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