How to Sing Metal


Head-banging, screaming, shouting, grunting and sometimes inaudible lyrics are often descriptions which are assigned, perhaps somewhat unfairly, to the genre of heavy metal music.

But the artists who front these metal bands are usually as accomplished singers as someone who will appear on stage and sing rock, blues or Opera. It is just a different end product, different skills and the fact that metal keeps going strong and is much loved, is a testament to its ability to touch people.

People continuously want to know how to sing metal too, and there is more skill than may be apparent to the untrained ear. To emulate your favourite metal singer, and the likelihood is that you will already have learned all the lyrics and have a good feeling for the kind of vocals that you want to achieve, will actually involve learning the fundamentals of singing properly.

Lessons will help immensely in order to understand how to breathe properly, how to care for your larynx and other important muscles, to discovering how to get the best sounds from right down in your diaphragm, to how important good posture is.

Once those fundamentals have been taken on board and you are comfortable singing within your natural vocal range, that is the point where you can start taking on the traits of those you admire, but remembering to adapt what they offer in order to put your own unique stamp and identity upon your performances.

Being able to sing in your natural voice, but in the same style as your idols, may afford a better performance, for straining too hard to sound like someone else can impair performance.

But once you have found your level and skills of how to sing metal, then you can start to bring the favoured traits of the genre to your performances. With good breathing, the screams, the wails and guttural growls can all sound natural and not cause any damage to those all important vocal chords.


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