How to Fix "Tasklist" Error


"Tasklist.exe" is a Mirosoft Windows program that lists the processes that are currently running within the computer system. It is available in Windows 7, 8, XP and Vista. If you're using Windows, you probably have it.

This exe file is useful in knowing what the computer is doing and discovering errant tasks. You can utilize this on a local or remote computer by accessing the command prompt and typing tasklist. Upon doing so, you will see a list of the names of the computer process and their respective PID (Process ID), location, session number, and memory usage. You may type the following on the command line to execute more specific actions:

"/ S" then the name of the system to display the tasks in a remote system

"/ M" for modules

"/ SVC" for hosted services

"/ V" for verbose tasks

"/ FI" filter for tasks that are related to a specified criteria such as status, image name, PID, session (session number), sessionname, CPUtime, memusage (memory usage), username, services, windowtitle, and modules (for dll )

"/ FO" format to show the data as a "comma-separated values", "LIST" or "TABLE".

Tasklist> process.txt to save it in a document

Error Notifications

You may be alerted that there's something wrong with tasklist when the computer is starting up or when you try to access this program. You may see one of the following:

Tasklist.exe is not found. The tasklist can not be found anywhere in the computer or it is not in its usual place at c: windowssystem32.

Tasklist.exe is unable to locate component. A component of the tasklist is missing.

Tasklist.exe is corrupt. The program is corrupt by a virus or bad programming.

Fixing the Issue

Before you do anything, you should log in an administrator account. Only those who have administrator accounts can see important files and make changes in the computer system. You can either borrow someone's account, have an administrator change your account, create a new administrator account, or change your account's settings by clicking on User Accounts in the Control Panel.

Look for the program in "c: windowssystem32". Use Windows Explorer to look for My Computer. Click that to find Local Disk C :, then Windows, then System 32. Before opening this folder, you will be told that you must not modify the folder's contents to avoid harming your computer. You need not worry about this but just click "show contents of the folder". You should find the exe file here; You'll find it easier if you arrange the icons alphabetically. If you did not see it, you will need to do either of these:

1. Find where tasklist is then put it where it belongs. You can open your file folders one by one or use the search function. Once you see it, go to where it is, copy it, and then paste it to c: windowssystem32.

2. Reinstall the program if you did not find it anywhere. Get your Windows installer program and reinstall it or you could look for the specific file online then install that.

3. Do a system recovery. Press Start, then All Programs, then System Tools, then System Restore. Select a point of time where you'd like to restore the system. This may bring back the missing Windows program if the loss was caused by recent system changes.

If the tasklist is still there but it's not working, you need to know if a virus is causing it to malfunction. Other than that, a virus may pretended to be the tasklist but it is doing something else. Get a good antivirus program to weed the problem out. Removing viruses may make the program run again; If not, try installing a clean copy of the exe file.

If the virus scan turns up nothing, the tasklist may be damaged not because of a virus but because of other things. If so, you have to reinstall it also.

There are exe and "dll" repair tools you can use to make your computer run more efficiently. You can find these online and download them. These enable you to scan your computer and find programs and applications that need fixing. This may solve the problem or not. Before downloading and running any repair program, check whether it is virus-free and reliable. Searching for reviews about it usually suffices.

When you have made changes to your computer system, you have to restart the computer so that it can be implemented fully. Once it restarts, check for the tasklist again. If all things fail, you can go to a computer repair shop or Microsoft Windows service provider to get professional assistance.


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