Bad Shopping Habits – Here's How to Quit in Only a Few Steps

The question of how to stop buying impulsively is being asked daily by hundreds of women (and lots of men) who seek advice on this essential issue.

Shopping wisely is of the utmost importance, especially at this time when the whole world is in a recession and people are struggling to make a proper living.

Giving advice in this regard will not go down very well with the shop masters, but for some this might be a live-or-die situation.

1. First of all you have to be honest and get clarity on what you buy. What is it that you continue to buy that makes it a habit? Is it clothes, ornaments, jewelry or just a single item like shoes, for instance?

2. Then start counting how many of the same or similar items you have. This is an important step because if you are a real habitual shopper, chances are that you will not know or think about some items that you already bought at some time.

3. Just for a few minutes ponder on why you bought it, what it has really meant to you, and why you should buy similar things.

The answer to the above questions will make you realize that shopping just for the sake of it can be futile and prevent you from buying just anything.

4. Plan your shopping route at home so that you do not have to pass your favorite shop. If necessary, postpon your shopping trip for such a time that you are in a hurry or have to fetch the kids from school. You will then only hop into the store and quickly buy what is necessary and not buy for the habit of it.

5. Become really interested in a cheap hobby, which will keep you busy and do not drive to the shopping mall. Yes, the hobby itself may cost you some, but the time that you have to spend on your hobby instead will cost you far less, should that time have been in an expensive store.

These are only a few tips that can help you think how to save you money and maybe rid you from some habit that has plagued you for many years.