7 Baby Boy Gift Ideas

You received the good news that a friend recently gave birth to a baby boy. You are as excited as she is that you headed straight to the mall with the intention of buying a gift for the child. Now what exactly should you get?

1. Diaper Cakes

This was seen in an episode of “Sex and the City.” The four unmarried were invited to the baby shower of their friend and Charlotte bought these as her present. It is beautifully packaged and it looks more like a cake than diapers piled one atop another.

2. Animal Blankie

Baby manufacturers came up with blankets that have animal designs, meaning they can be folded in such a way that they become an animal. Animal blankies come in frog, duck and penguin form.

3. Picture Frames

This may simple but it actually has sentimental value. The mother and the baby boy can put their favorite photograph here and display it in their living room for all their guests to see.

4. Gift Packages

If you want to get your money’s worth, then this is the perfect gift to give. Any mom will be so excited to get this one. Baby boy packages usually contain bibs, bottles, baby rattles and other stuff for the baby boy to enjoy.

5. Bath Set

To make bath time intimate for both mother and baby boy, a bath set will do the trick. By giving them this set that has loofah, bubble maker, shampoo and more, the bath set is something the mother and the baby boy will be using over and over again.

6. Growth Chart

This is the perfect way you document the growth of their baby boy. Giving mother and the baby boy a growth chart allows them to keep track of the boy’s height as he grows up.

7. Toy Trucks

He may be just a baby boy but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be enjoying the toy trucks you put in his crib. There are stuffed toy versions of dump trucks, tow trucks and fire trucks in most toy stores.

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