The LAN, MAN and WAN Ethernet Services


A common way for companies to connect to the internet and network their operations is through an Ethernet service. They are popular for many reasons, including the ease with which they can be set up and maintained. Not only does this offer cost effectiveness though, but relying on a wired network using fiber optic cabling, speeds which can be maintained while reliability and security is also high.

Relying on wired technology not only guarantees security and speed however. When problems across the network do present themselves, the time taken to locate and fix is ​​significantly reduced when compared to other methods of connectivity. Alleviating any pressures relating to downtime, this is an obvious attraction.

The most common used Ethernet service is the LAN; Local Area Network, which brings together a group of computers working together. This allows to optimize the sharing of information, applications as well as hardware and software which are also wired up to the same network. Further than this, security is assured, while connectivity from the entire LAN can be directed to the Internet through a WAN; Wide Area Network connection.

WAN; Wide Area Network: In essence, a WAN allows access to the internet. Through a LAN, security is controlled through the use of anti virus (AV) solutions and firewalls. However, for confidential information, security this way is not assured. In this regard, the use of an Metropolitan Area Network is often the better option.

Because of their ability to link widely spaced areas, a MAN provides the ideal solution for organizations which have concerns across a wide area. Mindful of this, governments, libraries, schools and universities are particularly well suited for their use. Further than this, organizations can also use them to offer secured internet connectivity for public use.

Speed ​​and Quality: Through using fiber optics, the quality of the service is excellent. There are instances where satellite location routed through the server via a hub could experience slower response. Such instances are rare however, and are limited to instances when the network is being used particularly heavily; With the sending and receiving of large amounts of data for example. As such, any implications from these are kept to a minimum.

For business of all sizes, connection through an Ethernet service is extremely cost effective. The creation of an LAN not only allows for easier maintenance and repairs, but also delivers many more benefits. Network printers or other hardware devices can be centrally controlled, while multiple computers can be connected at one. Where some time ago each computer needed its own printer, this is now not necessary, and has become standard practice.

Selecting which Ethernet service provider to go with is a matter of what is available, and what is required. Many offer complete solutions and support, ideal for smaller concerns, while others will actively work with internal IT teams to deliver the best option. With each service able to be tailor to suit, it is worth spending a little time investigating all options available.


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