Keeping The Art Of The Rock Poster Alive


The Rock Poster is one of the most collectible posters today. There is even a group known as The Rock Poster Society. This group has been formed by a artists, collectors and people who are just admirers of the rock poster art form.

Rock Posters cover from the fifties rock’n’roll, the invasion of the British with Herman Hermits, Petula Clark and The Searchers and then comes the Classic Rock, this covers just about every band, group or solo artist that was involved with rock’n’roll. There are just too many to name here in the Classic Rock poster list but a search online will give you such a great list and let you know where you can purchase any you would like to add to your collection.

Posters have been a way of communication for many, many years now. Mainly used for advertising, the posters were generally colorful with minimum need for wording. It is let the picture tell the story. Rock posters are used in the same way, mostly depicting a new vinyl record, concert or tour by the rock group. You can get reproductions of these posters today but if you are a collector of rock posters, then you will be always on the lookout for an original.

These do come up from time to time, especially at boot sales or garage sales when a members of a family are clearing out the old family home getting it ready for sale. Often times the family members are not interested in the old posters and memorabilia and have no idea of their value. That is the time to get your bargain, a straight face and a ‘not overly impressed’ attitude is called for, you can celebrate later.

With technology and the need for speed to produce quickly and in quantity, the original way of making rock posters has all but gone by the wayside. That is where the group of admirers who formed The Rock Poster Society are trying to keep the art form alive.

This is their mission:

* To generate interest and public awareness of poster art.

* To act as a hub of information and resources that shall be available to all.

* To encourage the free exchange of critical archival advice and counsel.

* To embrace and perpetuate the ongoing tales and folk lore surrounding these vibrant works and to offer insight into their historical backgrounds.

* To bring to the forefront, through public events and exhibits, the many great artists who created these works and to unite them with their fans.

* To explore the continuing tradition of rock poster art from its origins to its most recent incarnations.

* To attempt to form a worldwide link with others who share the same interests and passions.

* And finally, to create a sense of community and fellowship among those who are drawn to the joy of collecting so that we may all bask in the wealth of our obsession.

When there are dedicated folk like these, then the rock poster and it’s art form will be around for people like you and me to collect for a long time


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