E-Recording for County Recording


Title, mortgage, and legal companies have numerous forms and paperwork for legal documents such as a public property record, mortgage, land record, title record, deed, etc. These forms must be completed and sent to the county recorder's office. In the past these documents had to be processed, sent through the mail to different locations for recording, and stored in file cabinets. With the evolution of technology however, these businesses are being reformed to an almost paperless workplace run through computers.

Electronic document recording is one solution to the hefty paper load strains on these companies. E-recording is the new technology software that allows businesses to send their legal documents directly from their office computers (by scanning the documents and submitting them via the internet) to different county recording offices. This saves companies the time and money previously required for sending documents via a runner or mail.

This service is vital to any legal business that must process paperwork to the county record's office. E-recording will accelerate document workflow, reduce cost recording methods, and improve the level of service to clients. It allows businesses to send their documents quickly. Once the documents are processed, it is immediately available for retrieval for use the same day. E-recording services requires no additional hardware and setup typically only takes a few minutes for downloading and installing the software. Beside the convenience of this service, it is also safer to use than the previous methods of sending paperwork.


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