Thinking Of Taking Up Guitar?


Many of us aspire to be rock stars, taking to the stage in a different city each night to wow the fans and gain celebrity status. Some of us just want to learn to play the guitar so that we can play music for ourselves and have a hobby. Whatever the reason, is there a best time to start to learn?

There is no set best time to start to learn the guitar. Young kids who want to learn an instrument, teenagers who want to start a band, young adults who want a hobby and older people who just always wanted to learn but never had time before are all in a great place to start to learn. It is not something that is age specific and you can learn at your own pace, it’s not a race to master a certain chord or be the first to master the entire first song book.

Playing the guitar is easy to start. You only need a guitar and the motivation to do so, and the rest is up to you. Like all instruments, you can’t just pick it up and play beautifully, you need to take your time and practice to achieve your goals. Adults just starting out may have more motivation to practice than kids who are a bit fickle when it comes to their activities. While guitars may be the big thing one week, karate may be the next. But, of course there are some youngsters who do excel at playing the guitar and stick with it throughout their life.

Playing the guitar is said to relieve stress and gives people a creative outlet whether they just play or they also write songs for themselves to accompany the guitar. It can produce a beautiful sound if played well and it doesn’t take that long to achieve a certain acceptable level of playing.

In the first one to two months you can expect to learn easy songs, within three to six months you’ll progress to harder songs and by a year you will be able to incorporate riffs and the like to your work. After two years of dedication and practice you should be able to play most songs that you like and then the fun begins when you start collecting guitars and use certain ones for certain songs.

It’s never too early, or too late to start to play the guitar. What are you waiting for?


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