How to Find His Mobile Porn

Our society makes it way too easy for a man to look at porn. The Internet is the biggest threat, and the easiest way to access porn. It used to be that if someone wanted to look at porn on the Internet, he needed a computer. Not anymore! You can get all the porn you want on your iPhone, or dozens of other mobile devices. It can be overwhelming to a woman who wants to know if her loved one is viewing the garbage.

But now equipment is available to know if he is looking at porn on even his mobile devices. Let’s look at a couple of pieces of spy stuff that can help you in your hunt to verify faithfulness.

First off, there is the iPhone Spy. This piece of pro spy stuff is a recovery device that is made for the Apple iPhone. You can recover phone call history, contacts, and pictures, and see the texts, maps, and so much more that he has viewed. It takes 20 minutes to scan his phone to see what he has been up to.

If he uses another smart phone to view his porn, then the Cell Phone Recon is for you. It can view all his pictures, websites, texts, and calls, and you never have to plug it into his phone. Just get the phone model number and serial number, and plug the software into your computer. It will even track where his cell phone is currently! Incredible piece of spy stuff! Spy supply does not get any more advanced than the Cell Phone Recon’s technology.

And then there is the Porn Detection Stick. Just plug this flash drive into a computer and it will show you all the porn that has been viewed on the computer. You can even find deleted porn. And if that’s not enough, you can download it onto the Porn Detection Stick.

So don’t feel like you can’t know if he is lying to you about porn. You now have the tools to check him out.

A good spy supply shop will have every tool you can imagine. I do caution you about buying spy equipment from overseas, or from an auction site. You have little or no recourse if you want to return it. If you buy from a USA vendor, you can rest assured you are buying top-notch spy stuff, and you can pick up the phone and get live help if you have any questions. And if you have problems you will know that you will have warranties that will be honored by reputable companies. I have a friend who bought a spy camera flashlight from China. I told him I could get him one. But he wanted to save money. Twelve weeks later he got it. It lasted two days and broke. He just threw it away because he knew that returning it would be nearly impossible.

So ladies, that’s your technology lesson for today. Please check out my link below to see all the cool spy stuff I mentioned above, and much more.

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