Importance and Different Types of Signage


A sign board is something which indicates or explains something else. A display board by the road guiding travelers, or a sign promoting something for a business is an example how we can utilize signage for multiple purposes. Just imagine for a moment the world without signage. It would be a directionless world. This scenario explicitly suggests how important it is for us to have the helping signs. Moreover, businesses extensively use signs to improve interactivity with customers. Some of the major types of signs are:

1. Acrylic

It is a plastic material with a quality of being transparent. The property of being transparent makes it perfect for various signage applications. The transparent signs are mostly used by mega malls and business centers.The sign companies excessively use acrylic in order to produce pertinent products.

2. Directional signs

The directional signs are meant to help people find directions. This kind of display boards are placed by the roads and buildings. The use of directional signs makes it easy for people to travel, find locations and other directions.

3. Persuasive signage

Persuasive signage is used for marketing and promotional purposes. It influences customer behavior by displaying attractive images and content. Most of the persuasive signs are used to promote a product or service. It is also an unmatchable way of promoting a brand.

4. Illuminated signage

An illuminated advertisement board is a way to display something 24 hours a day. The nightlife of big cities is completely surrounded by electrical signs. Clubs, shops, malls, theaters, hotels, and other businesses make their presence conspicuous by putting LED signs which glitter like stars.

5. Deck display

It is a display board, made of various material, which uses detachable L-shape letters. It provides users to change the content with the passage of time.

6. Vinyl or digitally printed vehicle signs

Wall and window lettering have become an inevitable source of advertisement. Vinyl is a digitally printed banner which can be used anywhere from a wall to a vehicle. A vehicle with an effective advertisement sign is no less than a mobile billboard.

7. Banners, labels, and billboards

Banners and labels are very cost-effective means of advertisement. They are made of a recyclable plastic material. Plastic signs best serve the short-term promotional campaigns. Small businesses cannot spend money on the premium media vehicles. So they use cheap plastic signs which are easily available and inexpensive. Billboards are large signage usually installed in places where a maximum number of people can see it. It is comparatively an expensive way of advertising something.

8. Pavement and public safety signs

Some safety sign pavements are printed signs that help people understand safety measures. Safety signs are also small size metal boards installed in different places to make public aware of safety.


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