WoW Death Knight Macros – Useful Death Knight Macros

A Death Knight can fulfill many roles in World of Warcraft. He can tank, deal damage and even do some crowd control. But with so many abilities to use, it can get difficult to play the class. As it is with pretty much any WoW class. That's why it is very important to use WoW Death Knight macros.

A well made macro can take the place of several spells and abilities. That way you can use them without having to press buttons all over your keyboard. You will just use one button to cast a sequence of spells and even cast a few spells at the same time.

Here is a very useful DK macro that shows exactly that:

/ cast [target = mouseover, exists] Strangulate; Strangulate
/ cast [target = mouseover, exists] Mind Freeze; Mind Freeze

This macro will cast Strangulate on the target you have your mouse over. If you do not have your mouse over any targets, then it will cast the spell on your selected target. Should Strangulate be on cool down, then it will do the exact same thing only using Mind Freeze. So you can cover a lot of basis by using WoW Death Knight macros.

Here is another macro that proves that:

#showtooltip Howling Blast
/ cast Deathchill
/ cast Howling Blast

This macro will give you an instant are of effect critical. Upon pressing the macro key, you will cast first Deathchill, which does not trigger any global cool downs, and then Howling Blast. So you cast two spells at the same time with just one button.

Both of these WoW Death Knight macros prove my point. You can cast a multitude of spells hitting just one button. Imagine how good that will be when you have to look after an after raid, run after mobs or chase down players. You can focus on what you're doing without having to worry about hitting the wrong button.

You can even use macros to activate items and trinkets before or after using abilities. You can do a lot of things as long as you write in the right code for them. Making any macro is very difficult as you have to know certain things about cool downs and what abilities do.

Looking over the web for macros is also a pretty good idea. Just make sure that the ones you want to use are updated for the version of the game you are running and that they actually work. You will see how useful the WoW Death Knight macros are then.

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