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The Buffalo Bills plucked Kyle Moore from the Detroit Lions Practice squad last year. It was not surprising, since Buddy Nix said in an interview, "As an outside back in a 3-4 you want a guy 6'4" or 6'5 "255 or 260. In a 4-3 those guys are defensive ends "If he's that size and he can rush the passer he can play in either one," Moore's height and weight seems to tailor made to answer the call.

You are not likely to find very much online or in the news about Kyle now. He was, at best a disappointment to Tampa Bay and has bounced around quite a bit over the last year. While the new season has yet to get underway we will all be watching to see if he gets the opportunity to redeem himself. He was drafted late in 4th round in 2009 based on his college performance record. At Duke he was not a Superstar but clearly had very respectable stats. He finished his four years with the flowing stats at the position of Wide Receiver:

Career Receiving: 40 Rec, 510 Yds, 12.8 Avg, 4 TD
Career Kick Returns: 25 Ret, 586 Yds, 23.4 Avg, 0 TD
Career Scoring: 4 TD, 24 Pts

With stats like these it was reasonable of Tampa to expect more from Moore. Now that the 2012 preseason is upon us I will be very interested in seeing how it plays out. It sees that Moore has to compete for his position not only against the veteran Buffalo player but also against Alex Carrington and Kellen Heard. Do any of these young hopefuls have what it takes to unseat the veterans ahead of them? This is where the focus will be in the preseason. Will the Bills keep Moore on the bench or will he get playing time?

I do not know about the rest of you but I will wait to see how this mystery unfolds. The bills were 6-10 last season after starting out so advancing at 3-0. They lost to their preseason opener to the Washington Redskins 7-6, although they made a great showing, they absolutely lost to the Redskins in their own house.

When interviewed about the loss after the practice session the team held after their defeat the coach had this to say when asked if he felt Kyle Moore would have had an impact this season, "He has done a good job. aspect of the game. That's his thing right now. "Kyle Moore can rush the passer. We have to make sure everything else is in sync with our football team."

Well that is my take on Kyle Moore. I look forward to keeping my readers up to date on the players and their clubs. I am an avid sports fan that happens to be able to write about what I love. Read more about Kyle Moore at http://www.allsportspeople.com/football/people/Kyle_Moore . This article is an Anita Kearney original.


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