For Those Who Know Little About Turner Field: History and Fun Facts


Turner Field in Atlanta GA is the home field of baseball team Atlanta Braves, a superior team at many levels of the game. The stadium came up in 1996 as part of the development that underwent for the Olympic Games that year. College Baseball is also part of the events held at the venue today, and its regular renovations have managed to keep it up with the most advanced ball parks in the United States. Major League Baseball finds perfect abode at the Turner Field, offering fans and players a Mecca standard arena.

Ted Turner is the person after whom this stadium is named. The gentleman’s legacy extends beyond excellent media business to a level that puts him on the position of a mogul. Hank Aaron a major league baseball player was in contention for lending his name to the stadium, which however did not happen. The Hank Aaron choice appeared in Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a local media circulation before the opening ceremony in 1996.

For visitors to the stadium a match will be the best entertainment option, but a museum, and afternoons at Turner Field make for a healthful of fun at the Atlanta Braves home stadium. The stadium is actually located on Hank Aaron Street which may have been a reason for Turner to get the benefit of doubt. Turner Field is a great place for autograph collection. You can send them your memorabilia for celebrity ball players to sign on them.

As a matter of courtesy, the authorities ask you to limit 2 items per deposit. The museum is great fro Atlanta Braves fans as it houses 500 artifacts related to their rich history and achievements. This stadium also made it to the record books with one of the largest hi-definition quality video board which was installed in 2005. The cost of this was well over $10 million.


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