Intense Push-Ups – 2 Styles of Push-Ups That Will Change Your Body!


Push-ups can be a great exercise when one decides to use it in an exercise program. Most of us tend to stick to the weight training when it comes to getting our resistance training. There is certainly nothing wrong with lifting weights, but I do think there is an overwhelming number of people who do not properly learn how to use their own body-weight first before moving on to adding that additional load. Check out these 2 types of push-ups that are sure to challenge you as much as any weight.

1. Rotational Push-Ups: This is a funny name for a style of push-up, but I promise you will not be laughing while you are doing them my friend. To start this push up variation get into the normal upright push-up position. Make sure your feet are about shoulder width distance apart. Next, execute a standard push-up. You will descend to the ground and ascend back up to the upright position. Once you ascend to the upright position lift one arm off of the ground and rotate your body (at the torso) around and point the finger of the hand you lift to the ceiling. Your body should maintain a straight line as you turn to look upward. Once you have rotated up then simply rotate back place your hand on the ground to execute a push-up and rotate again on the opposite side. Attempt to do 10 of these on each side and try to tell me it is easy!

2. Plyometric Push-Ups: This is a fun and intense plyometric exercise to perform and is also a fantastic chest workout. The technique is just like a normal push-up with one difference. When you ascend in the push-up movement you will want to forcefully push yourself up hard enough for your hands to elevate off of the ground. You want to execute these all in success for optimal strength gains. You will develop great upper-body explosion and overall core strength from this movement.


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