World's Best Surf Camp

Surfing is a sport characterized by the endless search for the perfect wave. Although for many surfers several generations past this meant hopping in a stationwagon and driving to the best break in site across the California border with Mexico, today's high-end surf travelers are pushing the envelope and searching the far corners of the globe. As a result, innumerous surf camps have sprung up around the world to cater to the many upscale travelers looking for a high-end surf vacation in which to enjoy great waves in beautiful natural surroundings, while blowing off steam and having a blast away from the daily grind.

From Costa Rica to Indonesia, surf camp after surf camp has opened up shop, and surfers have responded, flooding in record numbers to these camps to test their mettle on the world's best waves.

With all these options, the inevitable question has arose – "What is the world's best surf camp?". To get the bottom of this inquiry, we set out to analyze the options. The contenders are many, and so the criteria selected were strict. To be in compliance the camp must at a minimum be located in paradise-like surroundings, boasts world-class waves, have superb surf instructors and support professionals, and offer high-end accommodations options. The next level of analysis focused on the after surf options – to stand out there must be an abundance of non-surf activities available, in addition to fine dining and nightlife options, something that surfers and non-surfers similarly would appreciate while on vacation .

After lots of research and intensive travels, the results to our study are in and we are happy to report that despite the stiff competition, one surf camp stands out from the rest – Nexus Surf located in southern Brazil, Florianopolis to be specific.

Florianopolis is a stunning beautiful island located off of Brazil's south coast. "Floripa", as the city is called by locals, is considered the surf capital of South America as it held the only World Championship Tour event. The island is known for outstanding tubular waves and boasts forty two beaches around the island with over 15 world-class surf breaks.

Aside from fantastic surf, Floripa also provides options to kite surf, river-raft, horseback ride, paraglide, snorkel / dive and more. And in the evening the city offers unparallel nightlife, with an incredible number of clubs, lounges and bars where tourists and locals alike revel in authentic Brazilian fashion until the early morning on a daily basis.

The Nexus Surf camp offers high-end surf / adventure vacations that are absolutely unique, providing everything from high-end beach front accommodations in private residences, outstanding surfing instruction from highly-trained professionals, transportation day and night, a local cell phone, and special access to Floripa's hottest nightlife, including no waiting in line or paying cover charges as well as private table reservations.

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