Nutrition and Golf

Players are hitting the ball further than ever and there seems to be no limit to the distance that balls travel these days.

The likes of Bubba Watson and John Daly are making the old 240 yard drive look like a wedge from a perfect lie.

Yes, technology makes for more distance. The golf ball just travels further end intensive research into dimple patterns and ball construction has the inevitable result of more distance.

Manufacturers have changed the lofts on sets of clubs and sell that off as extra distance. Why? Because distance sells like nothing else! Everyone, even the tour pros want an extra ten yards.

The impact on golf courses and course design is intense. Courses are being lengthened, the rough is longer and tougher, and greens are super fast and not receptive at all. Just watch the majors!

So what is the next big thing in golf? What is going to distinguish the individual from the pack? Can the local club golfer benefit from this as well? They do make up the bulk of sales anyway!

Chances are that it will be the diet. Yes, THE diet. Gary Player was most probably the first tour player who seriously worked out in a gym. These days mobile gyms are following the tour.

Then came technology and everyone jumped on the bandwagon to maintain a portion of this lucrative market. The positive side to that is that it makes it easier for the average player to start end to enjoy the game more with more arguing clubs and some extra distance.

That is why the next big thing in golf just might be a proper, balanced diet. The demands on physical fitness and mental stamina on the major tours is increasing by the day. Physical training and fitness can only be successful when combined with a well-managed diet. We also know that 95% if the reasons for visits to the doctor can be related to what we eat – need I say more?

Now that you have revisited your membership at the local health club and spend your earnings on the latest technology, have a serious look at what you eat, and DO NOT forget to drink 1 to 2 liters of water every day!

The benefits of a proper diet and exercise with sufficient water are just too much to go into now. This just might be the next big thing in golf and life in general.

To your health!

The gym phase is a given, technology is advancing rapidly, and the diet will make a difference in the demands of the professional golf circuits.

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