Pickup Lines For Girls

There seems to be an abundance of pick up lines available for men to use with women, but not very many for females to use. Add to this the fact that there are just as many women looking for a new relationship as there are men and you can see that this is an area that should have more available. Here are some of the best lines I have seen that a girl can use to try to land her next date.

Of course the common belief is that women do not have to try as hard as men to get dates, but this is only true if a woman is not very picky about what kind of guy she picks up. Most women want a particular type of guy and as the old saying goes; most of the good ones are taken.

Among the lines I recommend considering are the following. Are you getting ready to ask me out or am I going to have to write another lie in my diary tonight? Do you want to go to the game this weekend? Have you ever been a stunt man? I love football (or baseball or basketball).

The key is to use something that he is interested in. Most guys are interested in sports, but not all will react the same or have the same level of interest. The best plan is to use anything you can get a conversation started in order to learn more about what likes and does not like. Many people have trouble starting a conversation, so they end up not talking to anyone. The best advice I have seen is to just start talking to someone who interests you. The worst thing that can happen is they are not interested. And if that happens, there are plenty more people out there. As long as you do not give up you will ever find someone who will share many of the same likes and dislikes as you do.

I really do not like to be approached by anyone who uses what sounds like a canned pickup line. Most men are much more interested in a real conversation than something you learned out of a book or found on a web site. Many people do not believe this, but if you want to find a decent man and not just some scrub looking for a one-night stand, you should focus on being yourself and avoiding places where these types of people hang out.

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