Building Network Marketing Using Internet – Part I – The Importance of Trust in Network Marketing

Network Marketing is a people business, "people" as in I see you and you see me, you hear me and I hear you. We establish a relationship of trust when we talk with someone and let them know we are going to be there for them when they need us.

How long does it take to create that trust? Sometimes minutes, sometimes months! That's why we are told to come up with a list of names of people we know, namely, family and friends: because we already have a relationship of trust with them. If we tell them we got involved in this business that is going to set us free financially, we can add "you know I do not fall just or anything" and they may believe us. Besides their own believes and thoughts about Network Marketing, we have more chances to make business with someone we know just because of that trust.

So, what happens when we run out of people who trust us? We start making more friends, meeting more acquentions or approaching big amounts of people who do not know us to see if someone is in the right moment and the right place, if the timing is right for them. In this case they trust their own reasons to look for new ways to make money and they are more vulnerable to trust you if you look fairly decent and honest.

What about leads? They already are looking for something (supposedly) so our job is to tap into their needs, let them know that we care about them, that our only intention is to help them. Again, that can take few seconds or much longer. But we can only make so many calls, right? How many leads do you have to call until you find someone who is really interested in a home based business, interested enough to let you come into their lives and become their friend?

Again, trust. Only when someone trusts us, he or she is willing to do business with us, either buying a product or considering the business aspect of what we have to offer. And using Internet in Network Marketing can help us in building a relationship of trust, as you will see it in the next articles of this series.

In the next article we will explore how technology affects our relations.

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