Buying a Franchise Vs Network Marketing

"Network Marketing is the wave of the future. It is taking the place of franchising which now requires too much capital for the average person." -Jim Rohn

As the economy plummets, more and more people are taking a look at network marketing as an alternative to buying a franchise or other types of traditional business. It makes sense considering the low start up costs of network marketing, the low monthly overhead costs, the minimum risk, and the fact that you can build a massive organization over time and create a solid source of residual income for your future if you stick with it.

Just as you would not treat a 'real' franchise as a hobby, if you start a network marketing business for the purpose of creating an income, you need to work at it to make it successful. You need to be actively working on your business and on yourself every day. Signing up as a distributor for whatever company appeals to you is just the beginning.

Growing a network marketing business takes time and perseverance. It is an personal growth experience and a business education. And unlike what so many people think, it is not a get rich quick scheme. Rather, it is an asset that grows over time. And to do well in a business like this, you absolutely need to commit to at least 5 years in order to see the REAL possibilities and to be able to make big changes to your life. In the meantime, keep doing what you're doing … but build your fortune quietly on the side.

Network marketing is particularly well suited to moms at home who are looking for a way to make an extra income for their family, or a way to better themselves or to become leaders. In fact there have been more 6 and 7 figure women earners created in the network marketing industry than any other.

David Bach, author of Smart Women Finish Rich says "The simplicity of network marketing is that you find a product you believe in and use it yourself, then tell others about it."

And that really is the bottom line.

If you can find a product that you really believe in, and that you would order even if there was no business attached to it, then share it with others for their own benefit (not your own), and you will get results.

If you believe in your product, your passion will shine through and in the long run, your organization can not help but to grow. Just make sure that whatever you are promoting, is something that is alignment with your fundamental personality and ideals so that business will come naturally and be FUN.

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