Tips For Search Engine Marketing Strategies and Promoting Yourself Online

As said in many other articles on many other places online, marketing yourself through the internet is one of the easiest things and one of the easiest ways to make money online. Sometimes it can take a good amount of time before you actually make a sale, or people buy the record, or you find your niche. But when you do finally make a sale and find what your good at its one of the greatest feelings ever. Men and women in the past have done internet marketing and marketing strategies online and have made millions if not billions of dollars. If it was possible for them, so many years ago, then it is possible for you as well. There are so many things available to you now, so many products, website options, affiliate programs, tools, e-books, guides, how could you not make it, or better yet? Today were going to look at ways to market yourself online. Some of these are small little things, some of them are larger, and take more time and money.

The first thing you need to do before anything else is figure out what your selling. This means you've either already got something in the works, or you do not have anything in mind and want to start selling something online. In my opinion, this is one of the most important parts of selling online. If you do not have passion for the product or website, or its not interesting to you, chances are you will fail. So find something you like to do, find something your interested in. Find out everything you can about the product because this will help you market it to the right people. If your interested in selling or having a website that has to do with surf boards, you would not market to people that live in Alaska, now would you?!?

Second best thing to do would be to have an extra website about this product. Even if its an affiliate program and it comes with its own website manufactured by the people that either own the product or own the affiliate program. Do another website as well. Your own website. This site could come in handy down the road when you start doing other affiliate programs online, or other things to make money online. It can be your "structure" of things to build off of. Do a nice layout, pick a good domain name with a quality extension, something easy to remember. Theres many sites now a days where you can get a really nice template for free, a domain name for a few bucks, and hosting for a few bucks. This is not rocket science, and you do not have to be rich to make a website. You have to be smart. The reason I want you to make another website, is not just to use it as a structure but I also want you to use it for content. Theres a phrase we marketers have online and that is "content is king." And its true. Search engines often "spider" websites looking for information. And not just any information but unique information. It picks up on keywords. Now if you write on a regular basis, and your using keywords, the search engines will more than likely be coming to your site a lot. Do not use just pictures. Do not use just ads. Sit down and write some quality information. This is going to be your "headquarters" it will have all the info and any of the products you want to sell online. Direct everyone to this site!

Next, you are going to want to promote your affiliate program, product, website etc. It does not matter what your selling or the steps you taking to sell it, you have to have eyes looking at it. You could have the best product online and if no one knows about it, or you do not have a significant amount of traffic, you will never make money from it. This isint magic, its common sense. Now if you look on one of your favorite search engines for "ways to market my product" or "search engine marketing strategies" chances are you will find so many websites its going to make your head spin, so I'm going to just write out a few quick ways to market yourself or your site or your product online:

Make sure your website you made (the second one) is optimized correctly.

Submit your website or program with a small description to search engines, directories, groups, etc. Make sure you pick the right categories!

DO backlinks! This is really important for your PR (page rank). If you expect to ever be seen on the first page or first few pages of Google or any other search engine, backlinks are one of the easiest ways to go about this.

Every forum you belong to, every personal website you have, every social networking site you belong to, every email you send out, promote yourself. It does not have to be a large confusing 4 page description. Around 255 words or less is sufficient. Also be sure to tell your friends and family. As for email sig links and forums sigs, just a few words to catch someones attention with a hyper link.

PPC advertising.

Text ads, banners or links on sites relevant or semi relevant to the product your selling, or at least in the same category.

Press releases, promo kits, online classified sites or online newspapers.

Buy quality, unique, traffic by category.

Pay someone to do a feature article on you, your website, or your product.

There are so many way to become successful online by practicing good marketing that its absolutely impossible for me to list all of them. So lets review. Pick a niche you have passion about, you cant fake passion. Figure out everything you can about that product. Try to pick something interesting and fun but also unique enough to sell. Do a second website, this will be the beginning of your structure! Promote yourself any place you can, with out doing anything illegal. With most marketing practices you can do it for free if you look around a bit. If you buy ads online, ppc, text ads, banners etc, start out low at first. And lastly always test the waters before you go and invest $ 100k into an advertising venture. May you live long and prosperous! Good luck in your ventures online.

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