How Mobile Solutions Can Solve The Multi-Level Marketing Industry's Biggest Communication Challenges

The network marketing industry is a multi-billion dollar business segment which has unique communication challenges. Those challenges can be solved with a combination of communication tools that are now easily implemented and very cost effective.

The first and sometimes greatest challenge for a multi-level marketing ("MLM") company is establishing continuous, effective communication with its distributors. These distributors are typically part timers, usually with little to no sales experience who are trying to build their own successful business through the recruitment of a team of independent distributors. Distributors certainly need to be motivated, encrypted and trained with a consistent flow of current product information, sales tips, how to identify recruitment and prospecting opportunities and other vital business intelligence.

The second challenge is effectively communicating with the distributor's customers and prospects. Although not a challenge unique to network marketing, it is one that is unique in that the MLM company really has the responsibility to provide its distributors with a uniform set of tools that require minimum training and automate as many as processes as possible. This will ensure that consumer communication is consistent and continuous and builds an ongoing relationship between the distributor and the customer.

Most MLM companies today typically communicate with distributors via e-mail but many of these distributors tend to be less diligent checking their e-mail resulting in a significant reduction of the effectiveness of the entire corporate communication process. Although email will certainly continue to be an integral part of the MLM communication process with distributors as well as consumers, the latest technology is providing new, integrated and cost effective communication tools, not previously available and which address the MLM industry's communication challenges.

The most sophisticated of the new mobile marketing software provides automated e-mail communication but what's exciting is that email can now be combined with text messaging as well as voice mail. The growing use of text messaging is based on the indisputable fact that people tend to not only open text messages but actually read them. Text message marketing is rapidly becoming one of the key components not only in consumer marketing but also in intra-corporate communications.

For the MLM industry it provides particular benefits. Since the best of this new technology is both extremely simple to use, it also has many functions which can be fully automated sinceby reducing training time, implementing costs and allocated IT resources. The most sophisticated of this new technology takes customization to new levels so that profiles of specific interests can be created for each audience and even for every member of that audience.

It is now very easy to set up an automated distributor contact campaigns which schedules when a distributor, customer and prospect should be contacted, the appropriate messaging based on the contact profile as well as whether it should be by email, text message, voice mail or a combination of all three methods. Most importantly, by being fully automated, you will always know that the messaging will be consistent and contact with be constant.

This ability proves to bevaluable especially in assisting new distributors getting off to a fast start with notifications of scheduled conference calls, new distributor sign ups, sales promotions and incentives. Since the first 90 days is typically critical in a distributors success, this feature alone makes mobile marketing and communication technology an invaluable tool.

Recognizing that consumers never leave home without their cell phones, there is no doubt that mobile marketing to consumers' works. With the right technology, MLM companies and their distributors will be able to easily communicate with their customers with the right marketing message, coupons or surveys, at the right time and in the right medium, whether it is by text, email or voice.

The multi-level marketing industry is rapidly embracing mobile marketing technology and solving its communication challenges with a very cost effective solution. And mobile marketing will be a major component in sales success.

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