Article Marketing – How To Increase Web Traffic

Article marketing is one of the best tools for any internet marketer. It really is. Your articles can literally beat out your competition and get you on the first page of search engines. For an example of how powerful articles can be, go to Google and type in the word, psp download.

It's a very competitive keyword, but look at the first page, there is an article! It's name? Download free psp games. That article gets viewed more than a hundred times a day, and it's URL link gets clicked more than fifty times a day. Just from one article.

Now do you see how powerful articles can be? The writer of that psp download article has more than ten articles out there, working to get people to his website. How wonderful is that? If every article gets fifty people to his website a day, that means that everyday, he gets at least five hundred people to his website a day! How powerful is that?

You might be asking yourself, why are articles so powerful? Here is a quick list

  • Articles are meant to give people an answer to what they're looking for. When you search a keyword, articles are on the first page because people want to read them. Articles give out a good source of information.
  • Articles get high page rankings from search engines. Search engines love them. They love the way articles can provide the viewer answers.
  • Articles help sort out all of hundreds of thousands of search results. They give the viewer an answer, and show them where to find more information. This is another reason why people love to read them.
  • Articles can build up your reputation. When you write an article, your audience will think of you as an expert in your industry. You can easily become a guru by writing articles.

So the bottom line is, articles give out a good source of information and should be used by all internet marketers if they wish to get more people to their website. Best of luck!

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