Feng Shui Dangers Around Your Home

Whether you are buying a new home, or have been living in your house for decades, it would be useful to be aware of feng shui dangers that can lurk in familiar places in and around your house. Small details in the structure of your home, or its surroundings can make a lot of difference to the feng shui of your home.

For starters, as a general rule, Pillars located in the middle of the room are bad feng shui. It represents an arrow or a knife stabbing through the home or the room. Do not fret if relocating that pillar is not an option for you, as there some feng shui remedies which you can use to counter its negative effects. The general rule is to make the pillar as discreet as possible. Place some potted plants around the pillar to make its appearance less visible. Alternately, you can install mirrors on the pillar. From far, Pillars completely covered with mirrors would seem 'invisible'.

Another thing to take note of are exposed beams on the ceiling. Do not sleep, work, eat, or do anything important under these beams as they can cause headaches, restlessness and in the long run, even cause health problems. If your house has such exposed beams on the ceiling, hang some wind chimes or a flute from the beam to soften its negative effects.

Another important thing to do is to take notice of your home's surroundings. Sharp and pointed building structures such as telecommunication towers or electrical grids are very bad feng shui. The sharp structures represent poison arrows and if they are located near your home, can cause illnesses and misfortune. If relocating is not an option, at the very least, make sure such structures are not visible from your main door.

Water towers and reservoirs are also extremely bad feng shui, especially if you are living directly below it or in its vicinity. Having such a large body of water above your home is inauspicious as the home may be 'drowned' by the excess yin energy from the water above.

As much as possible, try to avoid staying near industrial or commercial areas and also busy roads and highways as such places emit excess Yang energy that is not good for the home.

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