3 Ways to Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing Without Investing a Dime

The best thing about doing affiliate marketing is you can start your online business at a very minimum cost; in fact, you can always start an online business with affiliate marketing without investing even a dime and start to make money from it. Off course, along your way to success in affiliate marketing and make a significant amount of income that can quit your day job, you need some useful tools and resources to help you to achieve your goal; but the bottom line is you can always get started at zero cost while you are searching for your niche market. This article will discuss 3 ways that can enable you to get started your affiliate marketing without investing a dime.

Method # 1: Sign Up with Free Sites Builder

Although you can do affiliate marketing without a website, but it's better to have one because you can promote multiple affiliate products and building your prospect list from your website. You may not want to make an investment yet until you confirm the niche market of your choice is the profitable market for you. Can you own a website for free?

Yes, you can. There are many sources on internet for you to get a free website, but the easiest way to set up a website for your affiliate products is using a site builder that has been integrated with affiliate products and your affiliate link. Better still if the site builder can generate pages with Google Adsense, another good source of making money online.

MySpace is one the easier way to get a website up and start promoting your affiliate products from there. HyperVRE system is a free AdSense & affiliate site builder that allows you to easily add fresh content and RSS feeds to your website and getting traffic through your affiliate link. What you need to do is sign up a free account with them, add in your affiliate link and start to promote your affiliate products through many free resources such as forum, discussion board & articles.

Method # 2: Word of Month Promotion

Word of month promotion, also known as "Buzz Marketing" is a method of promoting a product by using the "word-of-mouth" channels. If you have a lot of friends either offline or online and your friends definitely a lot of their friends, it's a huge network of potential market if you can "buzz" your affiliate products start with your friends and getting channel to the group of their friends . You include your affiliate links into your email signature, Skype profiles and send links when soft sell the affiliate products to your chat-mates. Let other to know good products by recommending them while you are sharing good videos or any video found on internet such as from YouTube or any other video sharing sources. If the affiliate products which you are buzzing are good, you should see cash flow in to your account account.

Method # 3: Free Re-Brand e-Book Sharing

People are searching for free e-books on various topics each day. There are many resources where you can get e-books for free. And some of these e-books allow you to re-brand, add in your associate link and redistribute in your own channels. One of good resource to get free e-books is surefirewealth.com. Once you have the book re-branded with your affiliate links, search for e-book submission sites from search engines, and submit the e-books to the sites that do not contain the book. When people download your re-branded e-books, and if they purchase any product via your affiliate link, the money will be cashed into your affiliate account.


Affiliate Marketing covers many areas and you may not find your niche until a few trials. If you do not want to make an investment until you find a niche that most likely work for you, it is possible to start it at zero cost while working your way to an affiliate marketing success in your niche market.

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