Master The Basics In Basketball Shots


In learning the ropes of the game, basketball shots are essentially the number turners on the scoreboard. Although one plays a nifty game of defense, it pays to hear a sound of whoosh going through the basket upon perfect execution of wrist work. With five players a side, everyone needs to pull his or her weight on and off court, making every move count. Even though one may be born with the Midas touch, it all comes down to practice, practice and more practice. Professional players spend hours in training to instinctively shoot hoops regardless of the opposing teams’ attempts to steal the ball out of their hands. Coupled with cheering and jeering crowds threatening to steer one’s attention astray, it is often a herculean task to stay focused.

Although there are variations to the norm, it is imperative to have the fundamental basketball shots safely in one’s game plan. Being a game of stillness and motion, it is essential to shoot standing still as well as in an act of jumping or running. First on the list, the set shot requires both feet firmly planted on the ground followed by a shooting stance. One may not be subject to physical distraction such as waving arms of towering opponents when taking a free throw. By mastering this basic shot, one can then proceed to more complex ones.

Moving up the difficulty index, the jump shot involves shooting whilst airborne. To make matters worse, a foul is called if one is back on solid ground before the ball makes it through the hoop. As such, it requires a fair bit of defiance against gravity as one attempts maximum distance between feet and court. Although white men can’t jump was a phrase coined in the early nineties, many players of Caucasian descent shoot hoops just as well as their peers.

Basketball shots such as layups and slam dunks entertain the crowd whilst delivering similar results. Being more flamboyant, they require careful coordination of running, jumping and shooting whilst weaving through the opposing team.


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