How to Uninstall Norton Internet Security Efficiently, Completely and Safely

Are you still feeling deeply annoying by the question “How to uninstall Norton Internet Security completely”? Do you wish to totally uninstall any unwanted antivirus program instantly to get rid of obscure system problems generated by the antivirus program? This powerful antivirus program serves as one of the most powerful and advanced tool recently even if it has never provided free version for PC users. But you may still need to uninstall Norton Internet Security when you have experienced the problems below:

  • The trial version is not available on your computer.
  • Some components of program result in a list of problems to your computer, including drastic slowdown of system performance, consuming huge sum of system sources and low network quality.
  • Undesirable damage on the files of the powerful antivirus program.
  • The installation of Norton Internet Security requires too much system spaces.
  • Undesirable false positive created by Norton Internet Security forbids you to visit some commercial sites.

How to Uninstall Norton Internet Security directly from your computer?

If you are tired of the complicated problems caused by the powerful antivirus program, you may consider trying to uninstall it directly from the Control Panel:

  • Step One: Click Start, and then go to Control Panel.
  • Step Two: Enable Add or Remove Programs utility.
  • Step Three: From Currently installed programs, find out Norton Internet Security, and then scroll to it.
  • Step Four: Click Remove and then click Remove All to remove it.
  • Step Five: Directly ignore the Subscription Period Warning, and then click Next.
  • Step Six: Follow the uninstall wizard to finish uninstalling tool and then restart PC.


If you are a properly trained PC expert, it is recommended to uninstall Norton Internet Security by the aid of following the steps mentioned above. But if you do not have much computer experience, you may consider enabling a trusted uninstall tool on your computer to help you safely and completely uninstall the powerful Norton product, for the purpose of preventing any system damage and tons of undesired registry leftovers. The unwanted increase of undesired registry leftovers is the main reason for sharp system slowdown, Blue Screen of Death errors and insecure remote intruders. A trusted uninstall tool combines with a list of professional utilities that can help you totally uninstall Norton Internet Security thorough fully wiping out associated registry files and associated data from your PC without any critical system components damage. So, if you wish to totally remove any undesirable antivirus tool, you can try it.

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