My Washer Is Overflowing, What Could Be The Problem?


If the problem you are having with your washer is that it keeps filling with water and overflows.

There are two things you will need to check.

1. The water valve

The water valve has two solenoids. These solenoids open the water valve ports when electricity flows through the solenoids.

When the electricity stops flowing through the solenoids the ports in the water valve close and no water should flow in to the washer. If your washer is overflowing, do the following to see if it is a bad water valve.

Set the washer to fill, let it fill for a minute or so. After is filling for a minute disconnect the washer from the wall outlet. Repeat this procedures a couple of times. If the washer continues taking water after is disconnected from the wall outlet, the water valve is bad.

If the washer stops taking water when it is disconnected from the wall outlet, check the water level switch.

2. The water level switch

The water level switch controls the amount of water that goes in to the washer tub, according to your selection.

This is the way to test the water level switch. If the washer keeps filling and the motor won’t start agitating, most likely you have a bad water level switch.

Those where the two parts that have to do with the washer overflowing. Just make sure that if you are going to replace any of these parts, make sure that the washer is disconnected from the wall outlet before doing any work.


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