The Next New Fashion Craze and Why!


Some styles recycle and come back to square one. Ties: broad or slim, suits: one-button, two-button, double-breasted and three-piece business suits for men-those have been around the globe a few times. They will recycle again and again. That is why I maintained the same size and body weight for the past 10 years and also buy clothes with longevity and durability as my top criteria. For women: earrings, bracelets, ankle chains, broad hats, slim skirts, short skirts and long shirts are revolving globetrotters.

However, there are those one-off styles. They arrived and left like tornadoes. The punk pants and bell bottom pants were the fads of the sixties.


Even though wearing jewelery is as old as drinking water, watches are becoming, not only an extremely popular jewelry item, but also they are making very loud fashion statements. Think for a moment: "How many hands do we have?" With international and trans-continental travel being the norm for one out of every five business people in some metropolises, and approximately two out of every 10 vacationers in some countries, it would make sense to wear one watch on the right hand, and another on The left. If one watch kept the time of your home country, then set the other one to the time of the country you do business with, or travel to the most.


Take Europe for instance: most, if not all European countries have just about the same time. There might be an hour fluctuation between the most remote countries. The same goes for Asian destinations. Most people have as many watches as pairs of shoes. Today men and women match their watches with their other accessories. It is not unusual to see a lady wearing a top manufacturer's brand, matching her shoes and bag with either her wrist watch or hat, or alternating the colors by matching two out of four accessories. Instead of adjusting and reading one watch or the next, it could be much simpler. If you are right-handed, you may decide that the one on your right hand carries the time of the country you are visiting or doing business in, and the left could carry your home time or vice-versa. That is a no brainer.


Many of today's watches are self-winders. The more you wear them, the better they work. By wearing one watch at a time, it may take some people an entire year to get through their watches' collections. That does not mean that because you have many watches you are being ostentatious. Watches are some of the most practical jewelry items: they not only keep their value, but many times they actually appreciate. Ok, many styles change over time, but considering the prices you pay for a fine timepiece, you had better get in some quality wearing time.

I must confess I love watches. They are my preferred jewelery; Each one is different. Each has its own personality. Sometimes I wear one because of the band color; Other times, the mood dictates. One day I watched Tiger Woods doing a commercial for a famous sporting watch company. As soon as he showed off the beautiful orange band, I glanced at the shoes I was wearing, and the double-watch seed was born.

The merry-go-round of which brands are hot and which are past tense has as much to do with globalization and changing glamor trends as companies' expertise. The brands of yesteryear concentrated on durability, ability to survive deluges and falls. Today, watches not only match or rival car cockpits with the different amounts of gadgets and dials, but they make some serious fashion statements also.

Since many of the more stock brands stick to basics, I will mention only a few (in alphabetical order) that have different color bands — green, gray, brown, black, pink, plaid, blue, gold, bright yellow, burgundy , And / or red– to name a few — those we can match or contrast with our accessories.

Burberry's go well with kaki outfits, solid brown, solid beige, and / or dark blue or gray suits, especially with their own brands of casual outfits. Breitling and Bugatti's you can match with just about anything: casual or formal. Match the band with some other clothing item. The big R, like in Rolex, you wear not only with your golf outings, but to business meetings as well. The types of watches you select for travel purposes depend on the type of vacation you are going on: outdoor, adventure, leisure, and / or business. I certainly would not recommend taking specific brands on adventure vacations, unless their surfaces are scratch-proof and they are properly insured. Tag Heuer, accented regularly by Tiger Woods, and Swatch appear to be ahead of the curve in the sporting categories.


Choosing which color combinations would be as simple as matching other accessories. Certainly one would not wear a beige plaid watch band on one hand and a bright red one on the next hand. That would be a bit much. Since many top brands still have most of their watches in either silver or gold bands, matching the other hand color would depend on what you are wearing. Even though women will probably pick up on the style, since they already have so many accessories already: scarfs, handbags, gloves, umbrellas – above and beyond those both sexes share (handkerchiefs, hats, and shoes) men should run with this Style initially. After all, cuff links and tie pins are losing their popular appeal and are gradually dying out. That means that men are at an accessory disadvantage. I am not saying the style should or would be a man's thing, but, since men are short in the accessories' column – hey guys: "Run with it first."


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