Satiety Index

Satiety Index was developed by Dr. Holt and her associates at Sydney University in Australia. It measures how full people feel after consuming a fixed calorie load from a variety of foods.

In her study, volunteers were fed 240-calorie portions of 38 different foods. Foods were in the same size chunks and were served under a hood. Then they were asked how full they were and were tested for how much food they ate after 2 hours.

In Satiety Index, a slice of white bread- being the index, has a value of 100. The satiety value of other foods is rated relative to the bread, with foods that offer longer-lasting satiety scoring higher. People that want to lose weight would choose foods with the highest numbers.

The more fiber, protein and water a food contains, the longer it will satisfy.. although we have to look at each food individually.

Fat: Surprisingly, fatty foods do not come up high on the satiety index list, as the body responds to fat as something to be stored for a period of scarcity, rather than something to be used immediately, the gut doesn’t stop sending hunger signals as soon, so we go on wanting to eat more.

Protein: A Washington University found that people who eat a 30% protein diet ate 441 calories less each day than those on a 15% protein diet.

Fiber: High fiber foods also rank high in SI and contain less calories than other foods.

Glycemic Index- GI and Satiety Index- SI: The assumption that GI equals SI is not accurate. Potato is a high GI food and one of the highest SI foods. GI measures how carbohydrates in foods affect the blood glucose levels after eating and a low GI diet aims to stabilize the blood glucose. Satiety index measures how full you will feel after 2 hours of eating certain foods- not just carbohydrate rich foods. There is more to satiety than the effect a food has on your blood sugar. Protein and fat both have minimal effects on blood sugar.

High Satiety Index Foods:

Eggs- 150: Perfect protein and filling.

Porridge- 209: More protein than any other cereal and a good amount of fiber.

Apples- 197: High water and fiber content.

Whole meal pasta- 188: Three times more fiber than white pasta and starchy carbohydrates.

Potatoes: Boiled potatoes- 323 are a lot more filling than fried chips- 116.

Popcorn- 154: Very filling, occupies a bigger space in stomach.

Salad: Slimming food, helps to fill you up if you have it before your meal.

Soup (index varies): Tastes better than water and can be very nutritious with the right ingredients.

Beans- 168: Great source of protein and fiber.

Fish- 225: Steamed or grilled thick white fish is the best for satiety.

Oranges- 202: High fluid content, almost twice as filling as bananas for the same amount of calories, and lower in glycemic index.

Peanuts- 84: Rich source of fibre and protein, crunchy- take longer to chew.

Beef 176

Grapes 162

Whole meal bread 157

Whole grain bread 154

Cheese 146

White rice 138

Lentils 133

Brown rice 132

All-Bran cereal 151

Crackers 127

Cookies 120

White pasta 119

Bananas 118

Jellybeans 118

Cornflakes 118

French fries 116

White bread 100

Muesli 100

Ice cream 96

Crisps 91

Yogurt 88

Doughnuts 68

Cake 65

Croissant 47

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