Why You Are Too Depressed to Go to School


There are many reasons students get too depressed to go to school and you might have one of them, these reasons are:

  • You don’t feel you belong to the school
  • You switch between different schools
  • You changed the place you live in and your school followed
  • You have social problems in school

A recent study shows that social problems at school is the reason why a student feels depressed at school.

The study continues to prove that social problems at school are started at home, most of the students who don’t have a good social life at home have social problems at school. Solving home problems can be the beginning to solve your depression at school.

Also the recent study shows that students who have social problems at their home, i.e.: their parents have no intimacy between each other, tend to have controlling attitude to control their siblings and parents to do what they think is right for life to be better. This attitude can have a great effect on feeling too depressed at school.

Students who are too depressed to go to school must know that their controlling attitude is wrong because they must believe that they cannot control others to fit their idea about good life. They must believe that they are powerless to change anybody except their actions and reactions towards different situation in their lives.

I will give some examples about the controlling attitude that depressed students have, these examples are as following:

  • They believe that their parents should do things that suits what they think so they ask their parent to do so, they might shout, act sorry or do whatever it takes in a try to force their parents to do what they think is right
  • They feel that everything around them need to change to what they think is right, in return they feel too frustrated and angry toward everything around them
  • They don’t like their social activities and believe that their failure building healthy relationships with other is to be blamed to their parents

This controlling attitude can break down these students because they must know that they are powerless to change anybody or to change their feelings, thoughts or emotions even, all they can control is their actions or reactions towards different situations, and if you are one of those students you have to know the following:

  1. You have to confess to yourself that you have a problem
  2. You have to be open minded for new solutions and suggestions
  3. You must have the intention to change
  4. You must have honesty with yourself first when you express your problem without any improving or reduction

Working on the previous four points will put you in the right direction when you ask for help, you can ask anybody who you believe has a similar problem as you. It might be someone you know, a school colleague or the counselor in your school.

You can also search for groups to belong to around your place to meet regularly and talk about your issues, you are free to join groups that you feel good around and that have the potential to help you with your problem.


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